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January 17, 2022 - February 7, 2022

Name that Dog for Tom & Ett’s

Tom & Ett’s Kitchen recently received some huge 12” Nathan’s hot dogs, and they are looking for a name for a new speciality dog that they have created! And we want you to help! Simply fill out the form below with a name you think the new dog should have. It should be creative and funny.

Each day one qualifier will be picked by Jason MacDonald at 7:40 am. All qualifiers will be sent to Tom & Ett’s Kitchen and they will make a final decision on Monday, February 7th.

All qualifiers will win a $25 gift card to Tom & Ett’s, and the grand winner will not only get their hot dog name on Tom & Ett’s Kitchen’s menu, they will also get a $100 gift card.


New hot dog description:

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs for Tom & Ett’s

It’s a 12″ Hot Dog on a special bun dusted with poppy seeds. The bun is toasted, cheese whiz is spread on the inside of the bun, onions are fried to a golden colour and spread over the top of the hot dog. The customer can add any of the regular condiments after that. Mustard, Relish, Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Mayo, Jalapeno Mayo, Donair Sauce, Hot Peppers or Sauerkraut.


  • One entry per contestant.
  • It should be creative and funny.
  • Please read over general contesting rules before entering.

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