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Max 98.3Fm presents Rocktober

It’s that time of the year again! Everybody’s favourite, Rock-tober is back!

We are teaming up with Clean Air Atlantic once again for the 2021 edition of Rock-tober! Covid can’t keep us from hiding those rocks! This year they are giving away an 18,000 BTU Samsung heat pump package, which includes installation and servicing!! Come on, who doesn’t like a heat pump?


For the whole month of October, we will be giving clues to where we have hidden our Max Rocks, and for you to qualify you simply have to head out and find one. Three clues will be given every day, so to hear each day’s clues simply listen to max during the morning and afternoon.  The grand prize draw will take place on Saturday, October 30th.

So here are the Rules: 

  1. One rock per person, two rocks per household.
  2. To qualify and register for the grand prize you must call the station number on the back of the rock to get your name recorded. Then you will need to bring the rock to our studios located at 318 Charlotte St. Sydney to fully be entered into the draw.
  3. All other details will be covered with you upon registering your rock.
  4. and most importantly have fun.


Clues for Rocks that have not been found yet:

There is no guarantee that there is a rock is at these locations. These are just clues for rocks that we haven’t been contacted about. 

  • From far and wide, this green roof stands out. You unite to pray in this white house.
  • Go back in time and stop for a bite. Coal won’t be the only rock you find here.
  • This channel of water with a low and high tide will soon have a crossing to get you to the other slide.
  • This rock has found a home, on the stage in the Community Pasture.
  • Passing through the village named after a port, find the captain in oilskin trousers. He’ll steer you towards the rock. 
  • On the way from Broughton, you can stop to let the kids play. Go straight to Morien or left to Glace Bay. 
  • No need for a salt shaker at this creek, but be mindful of traffic as you cross this one-lane bridge.
  • If you’re looking for a boat that’s not a ferry, head down to this dock where you’ll find this rock.
  • Gibbons has a water container like no other! Just look for blue, and the rock will come to you.
  • You don’t have to call the calvary if you’re feeling a bit leary. The rocks at the gate before things get eerie. 
  • This white church sits at a crossroads. A bridge one way and Sydney the other.  
  • This Golf course has a new name,  but same great greens. Lionel would be proud.  
  • This rock heard that this place is serving up free coffee at their coffee bar!
  • A sandy beach is where this rock hides. Too cold to swim but for Wolfe, it was just fine.

If you find a rock, you need to register and return it back to the station by Oct. 28th!!



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