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October 6, 2021 | by: chadwilcox

Want to live a long life? Just follow these quick tips!

☞ Positivity: It’s associated with higher levels of self-perceived health, which seems to protect people from depression and other afflictions.
☞ Feeling connected:  Experts say religion or spirituality has ties to longevity. They not only help with access to social supports and a sense of purpose, but they are also better “coping strategies” than turning to alcohol or indulging in “comfort foods.”
☞ Prioritizing plant-based nutrition:  Areas around the world with the most extended longevity all have distinct culture-based eating patterns, usually plant-based. Fine. Put onions on my hot dog, then…
☞ Enjoying the great outdoors:  When you’re outdoors, you’re being active. You’re also enjoying nature, and are more likely to interact with others. All this can promote happy feelings, which promotes health.
☞ Remaining active:  Guidelines recommend combining 150-300 minutes weekly of moderate-intensity activity with more vigorous exercise to promote healthy ageing. That means being able to continue to do the things you enjoy for as long as you want without pain.
☞ Retaining a sense of purpose:  Whether they care for great-grandchildren or partake in cultural crafts, the elderly in areas where people live the longest typically stay busy with productive activities. Note: they don’t generally stay busy by flying hot-air balloons, wrestling crocodiles or changing light bulbs located over a stairway!
☞ Good genes:  Our genetics contribute 20-30% to our longevity. If you have a parent who lived to 95+, you have better odds of a healthier (and probably longer) life.