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September 15, 2021 | by: chadwilcox

Getting yourself all “Worked Up”

Disconnecting from work after a long day is an important way of relieving stress. But what about ‘reconnecting’ to work? That may be just as important, at least from a success standpoint. Researchers from Portland State University found that heading into work each day with the right mindset is key to having a productive day, especially for managers and those in leadership roles. What does reconnecting to work involve, exactly? Usually, it consists of reminding oneself of that day’s agenda and goals and considering any possible situations or problems you might encounter before the end of the day. It can be done during breakfast, during your commute, or even in the parking lot before heading into the office. The researchers found that on days managers were able to reconnect before starting work, they reported a better mood, improved focus, and more success throughout the day – and not only that, by adopting this routine, it helps employees set the tone for the rest of their day and achieve greater work results.