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Max 98.3Fm presents Rock-tober

Rock-tober is back once again!

We are teaming up with Clean Air Atlantic once again for the 2020 edition of Rock-tober! This year they are once again giving away a heat pump package, which includes installation and servicing!!


For the whole month of October we will be giving clues to where we have hidden our Max Rocks, and for you to qualify you simply have to head out and find one. Three clues will be given everyday, so to hear each day’s clues simply listen to max during the morning and afternoon.  The grand prize draw will take place on Saturday October 31st.

So here’s the Rules: 

  1. One rock per person, one rock per household.
  2. To qualify and register for the grand prize you must call the station number on the back of the rock to get your name recorded. Then you will need to bring the rock to our studios located at 318 Charlotte St. Sydney to fully be entered into the draw.
  3. All other details will be covered with you upon registering your rock.
  4. and most importantly have fun.


Clues for Rocks that have not been found yet: These clues pertain Oct. 5th- 18th  

*There is no guarantee that this rocks are still at their location. they may have been found and just not returned yet.

  • Down a dirt road, you’ll find a big cove. However, a fishery you may not see. (Maybe out towards south bar?)
  • This is usually a meal fit for a King, but if you eat where you find this rock, you’ll only have sand sticking to your ribs. (New Waterford area)
  • When it burned in 2014, all looked grim, but with faith and community spirit, it rose from the ashes. (Whitney Pier area)
  • Fit for a prince, rather than a king. You’ll find me here, at a big gathering.  (Marion Bridge??)
  • It’s officially a three way stop now. It’s where the centre meets the Atlantic. (Reserve)
  • At one time you could have had a spa day here, but move on over because the province is here now. 
  • This rock is at a memorial to the souls lost on an Irish Immigrant ship that went to shore at Lorraine Head.
  • Head to the Bay and find where the old 42 once lived.
  • We used to say CANDU, now there are just walking trails for you.
  • Need a Rock? No problem, head downtown to find yourself a book or two!

If you find a rock, you need register and return back to the station by Oct. 28th!!



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