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July 29, 2020 | by: chadwilcox

A yard workout all the way!

Going to the gym may not be an option these days in the midst of a global pandemic. But you might be able to work off some of that pizza and cake that you’ve been enjoying just by doing some work around the house, or rather, in the yard.

A recent study by OnePoll found that homeowners burn more than 80,000 calories a year on average, just by doing yard work and gardening. The survey of 2,000 adults found they spent an average of 165 hours each year maintaining and fixing up their homes. Mowing the lawn regularly was found to burn 4,000 calories per year. Gardening can burn 200-400 calories per hour, more than many people would burn at the gym. Of course, if you’re gardening, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of Vitamin D from your exposure to sunshine.

I burn 4,000 calories per year just trying to start my mower!