August 27, 2018 | by: jasonmacdonald

What Your Car Color says about You

► Black:  A powerful color, many prominent figures drive (or are driven in) a black car.  Black car-owners tend to be detail-oriented.
► Silver:  Represents a tech-forward, futuristic driver.  Many new vehicles are revealed in this forward-thinking color.
► Brown:  This signifies a driver who is down-to-earth (ha!).  You might notice this vehicle on mountain roads or parked off a hiking trail.  This car (and driver) can take the dirt.
► Yellow:  When you see it, it makes an impact!  A yellow car indicates a joyful driver with a cautious driving style.  (But they look stupid when they have to go to a funeral!)
► Green:  Green car-owners love to put the rubber to the road.  They aren’t worried about what other drivers think, they are original and fun.  (And environmentally friendly?)
► Blue:  You can depend on someone who drives a blue car.  Blue car drivers tend to be self-assured and confident.  This color can also have a calming effect on those driving around them.
► Red:  A red car-driver doesn’t mind being noticed.  They tend to be energetic and passionate.  They also tend to need help finding their parking spot.  Red helps.
► White:  Like owners of black cars, white car-owners know that it takes a bit if work to keep it looking clean.  White car-owners tend to be contemporary, tasteful and tend to live in a warmer climate.