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March 28, 2021 | by: jeffromard

This Is How Long Folks Lose To Internet Wormholes Each Year

These days it’s easy to go to your computer to look up something quick and get sucked in for hours at a time. So, just how bad does that get for some people? Well a new report reveals just how long folks spend trapped in an Internet wormhole and you’re bound to be pretty shocked.

According to a new survey:

  • The average person will spend eight minutes, five days a week sucked into an Internet wormhole while searching for information.
  • That translates to 35 hours a year.
  • 60% of people say that when they get sucked in they feel like time moves faster and they “don’t know where the time goes.”
  • The most common topics that suck people in on the Internet include:
    • Entertainment (51%)
    • News and current events (40%)
    • Historical events/figures (34%)
    • Science (32%)
    • Human health conditions (31%)
    • Politics (28%)
    • True crime/forensics (25%)
    • Technology advancements (23%)
    • Pop culture (celebrities) (21%)
    • Mental health (21%)
  • And folks just can’t seem to get enough knowledge when it comes to the Internet, with the average person looking something up five times a day.
  • Quite often these searches are prompted by some sort of argument with another person.
  • The most common debates folks have is over historical events (41%).
  • Other common debates include:
    • Political/economic facts (41%)
    • What year something happened (40%)
    • Spelling (37%)
    • Actors/actresses in movies (34%)
    • Weather forecasts (33%)
    • Which artist sings a particular song (29%)

Source: SWNS Digital