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January 12, 2021 | by: chadwilcox

The new way, to have it your way!

Not only has Burger King updated its logo for the first time in 20, making it look more like a hamburger and less like an NBA G League team logo, the restaurant has announced a number of changes aimed at making it “the restaurant of tomorrow”, according to parent company Restaurant Brands International. Many branches have halted indoor dining not only due to the pandemic, but also because they are getting major overhauls and adding some interesting ordering and eating options…like food lockers, conveyor belts and even motorcycle lanes. Future Burger Kings will have 3 car collection options – drive-in, drive-thru and curbside collection, plus outdoor dining. The revamped sites will be 60% smaller, and diners will be able to park in what is called the “drive-in area” under a solar-powered canopy. Customers place their orders through an app by scanning a QR code at their parking spot, and staff deliver their order to the car. The drive-thru lanes will double and triple to speed up the process, and some locations will have a designated motorcycle lane. And, check this out…most of these lanes will include CONVEYOR BELTS because the kitchens will be on the second floor in busier areas. What’s the ‘food locker’ option? Order food on the app and pick it up in a metal box, for later. The first new-look BK will open soon in Miami, and shortly afterward they will begin worldwide.