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June 18, 2020 | by: chadwilcox

Quirky traits you didn’t know you can inherit!

Early bird:  A 2019 study found that people are probably genetically predisposed to be morning larks or night owls.

Coffee obsession:  A study found that those with more of a certain gene drank less coffee, maybe because they metabolize caffeine slower, so they need less of it to feel happy and awake. (Freaks…)

Trust:  A study of twins found that trust in others is 30% heritable (which is, apparently, a word). Distrust, oddly, is not an inherited trait and “appears to be primarily socialized”.

Sweaty hands:  It’s not all nerves. Researchers found that 2/3 of patients with “sweaty palms syndrome” have a family history of it. (I’m much more comfortable about this now that I haven’t shaken anyone’s hand for 3 months!)

Sweet tooth:  A study found that nearly 80% of preschoolers carried at least one of the genotypes that makes them want to snack on sweets instead of veggies. 

Ability to smell “asparagus pee”:  Self-explanatory. Not kidding.