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August 31, 2020 | by: chadwilcox

Old Man’s Game

The man called the world’s oldest hockey player has died. 99-year-old Mark Sertich of Duluth, Minnesota had laced up his skates as recently as last month, when his morning hockey league was allowed to return to action following the lockdown. Guinness World Records listed the WWII vet as the oldest ice hockey player when he broke his own record in 2017 by playing at an international oldtimers’ tournament in Santa Rosa, California at 96 years and 2 days old. And when his team offered him a lifetime achievement certificate with free ice-time for his 80th birthday, they didn’t expected that they’d be covering his expenses for two more decades. Just shows that it can be an old mans game too! Also, he had one heck of a mustache!

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