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June 25, 2020 | by: chadwilcox

Is it fair to have reduced pay if we are working from home??

With only one-third of Canadians who have been working remotely expecting to resume working from the office as consistently as they did before the pandemic, and fully one-in-five saying they will continue to work primarily from home, here comes the OTHER part of “the new normal”: A pay cut.

Richard Leblanc, a professor of governance, law and ethics at York University, says staff who elect to work remotely shouldn’t be surprised if they see their pay change. He points out that if you can do the majority of your work from the suburbs where you no longer have to pay for a daily commute…or if you are now able to buy a home that is even further away from the high real estate prices of a major city center, you should understand that your salary will change because your expenses have changed. According to him, if companies calculate salaries properly, neither the business nor workers should feel their salary adjustments are unfair.

Considering the prices we pay for internet in the country, I say we should get a pay raise if we are working from home! What do you think? is this fair?

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