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November 6, 2020 | by: chadwilcox

How well do you know your inventions and creators?

A survey has found that electrical power, telephones and vaccinations are the greatest things man has ever created. But unfortunately, the same poll found that a startlingly large percentage of people can’t tell you who invented them. The survey of 2,000 adults in the UK also found the internet, television, computers, cars and airplanes in the list of top-10 best inventions. While the lightbulb finished #4, 20% couldn’t name Thomas Edison as its inventor. One in 5 didn’t know the Wright brothers created the first successful airplane, and one in 6 failed to name Alexander Graham Bell as the inventor of the telephone (I’d say that Cape Bretoners would have a better rate than that!). Over half incorrectly named Henry Ford as the person who conceived the automobile. The survey, commissioned by Thomas & Friends, found that Bell is considered the most iconic British inventor. The mastermind behind the telephone finished ahead of Edward Jenner, creator of vaccinations, and Tim Berners-Lee, designer of the first world wide web.
Here are what Brits consider the top discoveries and inventions of all-time:
1. Electricity
2. Telephone
3. Vaccination
4. Lightbulb
5. The internet
6. Television
7. Computer
8. Car
9. Anesthesia
10. Airplane
11. Radio

Do you think Canadians would have a similar list?