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December 23, 2019 | by: jeffromard

Holiday House Hunt Winners

Holiday House Hunt Winners

The three categories were:

Best Traditional Decorated House
Brightest Decorated House
The best House that incorporates technology

We would like to thank our friends at Bluenose Insurance and ServiceMaster for coming along with us this year and providing us with the winner’s prizes! Each winner will receive $200 and each runner up will receive $100 Rona Gift Card.

Technology/ WOW factor

99 Connaught Ave Glace Bay, WINNER…Phil Evely

163 Centerville Street, Dominion, runner up…Lorraine Paulin


120 Cornwallis Street Sydney, WINNER…Gerald Wall

236 Terrace Street Sydney, runner up George and Linda Fraser

Use of lights/brightness

231 Convent Street, New Waterford, WINNER…Chris Hillier

503 Cottage Road, Sydney, runner up…Blair Melanson

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