March 26, 2020 | by: Bill Bradley


With many of us self-isolating these days amid the coronavirus crisis, this could be the perfect time to foster or adopt a pet. One of the main reasons people give for not getting a pet is that they aren’t home enough to give it a good life. Well, VOILA! If you’re home all the time these days, and perhaps struggling with the lack of social interaction, bringing a pet home could make a lot of sense. And it turns out that shelters could especially use your help right now. Many are bracing for an increase in animal intakes amid the pandemic. Add to the fact that they are running on minimal staff, volunteers and donations these days, and your caring for a furry friend could help everyone win: The pet, the shelter, and you, when you reap the mental health benefits of having a companion animal during these stressful times. And if you are unable to foster or adopt an animal, consider making a donation of money, time or supplies over the coming weeks.