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April 6, 2021 | by: chadwilcox

First step to cyborgs? I think so!

For the first time ever, scientists have connected a human brain to a computer – wirelessly. This comes months after Elon Musk unveiled his Neuralink brain chip, which was implanted in a pig named Gertrude. Now, researchers at Brown University in Rhode Island have created a connection between a human brain and a computer, capable of transmitting signals ‘in full broadband fidelity.’ The study saw 2 trial participants with paralysis due to spinal cord injuries, use a wireless transmitter to point, click and type on a standard tablet computer. The transmitter weighs just 40g. Instead of cables, a unit is placed on top of a user’s head where it ‘connects to an electrode array within the brain’s motor cortex using the same port used by wired systems.’ They hope to use the tech to analyze brain activity over long periods, and someday facilitate “reliable restoration of communication and mobility for people with paralysis.” I can’t see all of this ever becoming a horror movie, can you?
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