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July 13, 2021 | by: jeffromard

Check those junk drawers

UK-based antiques website has put together a list of the most valuable old-school mobile phones, showing that if you’ve got a “brick” hidden away in a junk drawer, you could be sitting on a minor goldmine. At the top of the list is a rare pre-production prototype model of the very first iPhone – which hit stores in 2007. If you’re lucky enough to have one, it’s apparently worth a whopping US $13,900. Other phones that could potentially be worth a fortune include more common models like old Motorolas and Nokias. What makes an old phone valuable? It has a lot to do with the software installed on the phone, the exact model, how rare the phone is and interestingly, whether or not it has “cult status”. The prototype iPhone 1 has previously sold for as much as $41,700 because it has different software, and is therefore rare. Here is the rest of the top-5:
2. Motorola 8000x – $1,100-$4,870
3. Nokia 7700 – $1,390-$2,782
4. Mobira Senator NMT- $1,100- $2,782
5. IBM Simon Personal Communicator- $1,100-2,782