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February 23, 2021 | by: chadwilcox

Bathroom wars!!

A survey has found that 70% of couples are currently in the middle of a “bathroom war” with their significant other. For men, the biggest issue is how much hair their partner leaves in the shower drain. Women report that they are most turned off by the mess and smell that he leaves behind in the toilet. According to the study, commissioned by Triton Showers, about a third of people feel their partner does way too much relaxing in the bathroom, and hogs the shower. And some of the biggest pet peeves couples have centred around their partner’s toilet habits. Leaving the toilet paper roll empty is the biggest annoyance. Not cleaning the toilet came second. Close behind (no pun intended): Leaving the toilet seat up, and hanging the toilet paper the “wrong way.” Nearly 20% of respondents admitted to ending a relationship because of their ex’s bathroom habits.

On the plus side, apparently women have no idea that men use the “fancy towels” EVERY TIME WE WASH OUR HANDS!!