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November 27, 2020 | by: chadwilcox

Bald men rejoice! Love is on the horizon!

There’s a new dating site that aims to help those who are bald find true love. You don’t actually have to be bald to use the matchmaking site “Bald Dating” – it’s also there to help those with very little hair, as well as people who prefer the follically-challenged. On the site’s description, it says: “There are many people who don’t mind you being bald and there are even others who prefer it.” The site was created by David Minns, who is bald himself, after seeing news stories about “hatfishing”, where men are ashamed of their lack of hair and hide under a hat on their dating profile pictures. He has previously launched a matchmaking site for “underendowed” men, and an “extreme” love-finding app that pairs users with 20-year age gaps.