Another successful Ribfest in Sydney

July 17, 2017 | by: jasonmacdonald

Well I had the absolute pleasure of spending my weekend at Ribfest and I am very happy and proud to say that it was another total success on all levels.

I would love to thank all of the organizers and volunteers who work so very hard to bring this event to Sydney and as a result raise an amazing amount of money for Hospice here in Cape Breton.

We have a new Rib Eating Contest Champ in Geoff Rose.

And the people have spoken.  Here is what you thought of our world class ribbers:


People’s Choice

Ribs: 1st Billy Bones | 2nd Silver Bullet | 3rd Crabby’s
Chicken: 1st Silver Bullet | 2nd Billy Bones | 3rd Camp 31
Sauce: 1st Billy Bones | 2nd Silver Bullet 3 rd Crabby’s


Ribs: 1st Texas Rangers | 2nd Crabby’s | 3rd Billy Bones
Chicken: 1st Billy Bones | 2nd Silver Bullet | 3rd Texas Rangers
Sauce: 1st Crabby’s | 2nd Billy Bones | 3 rd Texas Rangers

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